Mental Health First Aid England

Mental Health First Aid England Brand Film

Educational organisation, Mental Health First Aid England, asked us to partner with them to produce a promotional video and a social media series to create awareness, and encourage people to take ten minutes together on world mental health day to talk about mental health.

Our Concept

To explore people’s perception of mental health, we asked five people across different industries and sectors how the training had helped them help people around them and their stories were astonishing.

With their gaze fixed down the lens, the contributors told personal stories and gave heartfelt advice on how to take ten minutes with that someone who needs you. On tough subjects like mental health, people need people, and that’s what these films are all about.

The Campaign

With New Leaf’s release strategy, the videos were launched by Mental Health First Aid England on the run-up to world mental health day and took centre stage on their homepage, Facebook and Thunderclap.

The Film

“Thank you for all your advice and help with social media. The difference in engagement has been phenomenal. It’s amazing to see it all taking off like this. Thank you!”

Danielle Rosen, Social Media Manager

“I absolutely loved Alex and Olly’s creative approach to the film narrative and set. They very quickly demonstrated a strong understanding of how the film needed to work. The pre-planning aspect of making this film was the most enjoyable bit for me because I felt we were in safe hands.”

Eleanor Miller, Director of Marketing & Communications

The Results